News - Recent Projects


High-speed Ethernet chip verification.


Working under a 6-month contract, shared between remote working at-base and spells on-site in Cambridge, SystemSoft has contributed to the verification effort associated with the development of a new high-speed Ethernet chip.  A member of the UK-based software team charged with writing bespoke tests to exercise the US-designed chip simulations, Systemsoft worked on some specific funtional areas (MACSEC, Expansion ROM, 64-bit Bus Interface). The chip is currently in Tape-out and silicon is expected within the next month or two.




Refactoring OSI Comms for the 21st century.


Acting as sole-developer, SystemSoft has completed the refactoring of NDL-metascybe's OSICOM, a legacy OSI-compliant communications product that originated in the days of Window 3.1 and Netware. 


The source code was upgraded to allow for 32- and 64- bit execution and to work with Visual Studio 2012 and the old 16/32-bit Application and DLL-based code re-implemented as a Winsock2 Service Provider DLL working through an asynchronous interface to a Win32 "Windows Service" that implemented the Class 0/2/4 transport layer for up to 1024 client sessions and which, in turn, interfaced to a kernel-mode NDIS protocol 'Packet Driver' that transmitted and received the transport protocol packets.


Tested against other (more recent) legacy transport stacks, and running as a 64-bit windows service on Windows 2008 R2, including hosted under VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V, the product is currently in Beta test and is expected to move to release status early in 2013.