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Windows CE 6 Display Driver.


Under a 6-month contract, providing on-site consultancy at Plastic Logic in Cambridge, SystemSoft has contributed to the completion of Windows CE display and touch drivers for the QUE Pro-reader. Taking prototype software through a rigourous validation process, including the development and execution of device-specific CETK tests, we've assured reliability and quality for the E-Ink drivers incorporated into the Que Pro-Reader.


Full information on the device can be found at , and Plastic Logic's website is at




Windows Serial-Ethernet COM-port Driver.


SystemSoft has completed the development to WHQL-certifiable level a package of Windows (XP/Vista/W7) COM port drivers for the Comtrol GmbH NSP-1 and NSP-4 devices. These devices offer remote serial connectivity to applications running under Windows and are of particular applicability to industrial and point-of-sale deployments, where many legacy peripherals continue to feature only RS232/RS422 interfaces. SystemSoft generated the design, handled implementation and testing for the host drivers against on-device software generated in-house at Comtrol.


Full information on the devices can be found at Comtrol's website at


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